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By placing an order through this site , the customer(you) has guaranteed that
all information submitted is correct and truthful. You are also guaranteeing
that you are accepting responsibility for any illegal actions against this site
or the company( we or us) , DH Unlimited, such as fraud,theft,etc. The customer is also
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The customer also agrees that all legal disputes(including arbitration and/or
mediation ) will be handled in an Ashtabula, Ohio (USA) court of law or any other venue of the company DH Unlimited's choosing. The terms and conditions currently posted here supersede any previously posted versions and be changed at any time without notice.

Any and all personal information submitted to this site, plasmalytez.com, or the company , DH Unlimited, will be strictly used for order fulfillment ,website analytics and/or payment processing. You should view the privacy policies of PayPal, Google Wallet, Vendevor, Weebly and eCrater on their individual websites. We will not share , sell or rent your personal information with any third party except those stated previously or those parties with a legal court order. We do not accept any type of liability in the event of a third party intercepting or stealing your personal information as we have taken reasonable actions to protect and secure such information.

Shipping: All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground, FedEx 2Day or FedEx
Overnight. Free Shipping is via FedEx Ground only. Carrier can be changed at
Plasmaglow's discretion, including shipments outside USA. At this time , Plasmalytez.com does not ship outside the mainland United States.
Refused Shipments will be charged 20% restocking fee, return freight charges and a $50 refusal
fee, payable by the customer.

All shipments must be inspected immediately upon delivery. You
must report damage within 48 hours of delivery. Report to Plamaglow Warranty
Dept. 480-222-0285 xt. 4. They will handle claims with shipping company and send
replacement or refund.
See the FAQ page for warranty /return information or visit http://www.plasmaglow/registration/.
All returns and refunds must be approved and handled by PlasmaGlow. Products must be registered with PlasmaGlow.

Thank you for your order and payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You
may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction. Once we receive your funds into our accounts , your order will be processed and shipped.

Thank you for your order and payment, your order will be shipped when your payment is deposited in our bank accounts.
Google does not initiates deposits on weekends or banking holidays. For example,
if you charge an order on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, your deposit will be
initiated on Monday. If Monday is a banking holiday, your deposit will be
initiated on Tuesday and your order will be processed/shipped when it has been deposited in our accounts.

Thank you for your order and payment, your order will be processed and shipped when the funds are deposited in our accounts. This can take 2 to 5 days, barring banking holidays. If possible we will provide shipment tracking info once order has been shipped.

Please note that order fulfillment can be delayed by holidays or by the customer not
providing all necessary information we require such as color, part number ,street address , etc. In the event PlasmaGlow has decided to discontinue the item(s) you have purchased without notifying us in advance , you will be issued a full refund.